Bubble Wrap

Regular Bubble Wrap Rolls

The polyethylene air filled bubbles absorb shock, reduces vibrations and defies rough handling. Bubble wrap is ideal for shipping or storing fragile items. Features include superb elasticity, puncture resistance, flexibility, ease of handling and great pricing.

Bubble wrap’s lightweight construction reduces shipping costs. RipplePak’s heavy duty bubble wrap retains its cushioning properties.

RipplePak’s bubble wrap is available in 48” rolls either in 3/16”, 5/16” or 1/2″ thick. Available in either slit, perforated, adhesive or cohesive format. Also available with paper (pabble), metalized, corrugated and cloth backing.

RipplePak has the ability to create custom bubble pouches and pillow packs in sizes to suit your requirements at very affordable pricing.

Heavy Duty 1/2″ Bubble Wrap

This is the strongest bubble wrap available on the market. It is three times stronger than regular bubble wrap.

The bubbles provide maximum protection through their unparalleled ability to stand up to pressure and mishandling.

Bubble Pouches

This ideal packaging aid is constructed with any thickness of bubble wrap, and is available in custom sizes either with or without a lip and double sided tape to ensure the ultimate protection of package contents!

The pouches are perfect for protecting smaller, sensitive materials:

Electronic products

  • Laptops
  • Circuit boards
  • Ink cartridges
  • Computer towers

Furniture during storage and shipping

  • Small office furniture
  • Small appliances
  • Bathroom utilities etc.

Fragile products

  • Light bulbs
  • Chandeliers
  • Picture frames

Foam Packaging

RipplePak provides foam packaging products that encase items in a custom molding to hold it in place inside a container.

We possess the ability to die-cut foam to our customers’ preferences.

This method of packaging is utilized to secure many types of fragile items including electronics, glass objects, porcelain, medical equipment or other items that require a solid base to prevent movement.

Our foam solutions are molded to fit snug so the contents are protected from the shock of bouncing around inside a box or carton when dropped or shaken.


RipplePak’s unique pabble (or paper-backed bubble wrap) is an ingenious laminate of bubble, non-woven polyethylene and Kraft paper which provides for a much stronger wrapping, which is ideal for wrapping furniture when moving. Pabble is an 100% recyclable, insulating, cushioning and wrapping material which has helped the moving industry drastically reduce damage while loading and during shipping. Ease of handling reduces time and, therefore, labour costs. The light weight and lack of volume of this product can reduce shipping cost. Bubbles can face in or out (for easier bending)

Available size: 3/16” x 48” x 250’

Corrugated U-Channels

RipplePak’s u-channel protection is ideal for furniture protection where extra stability for stacking is required and in cases where bubble wrap just won’t do.

This innovative product starts as a flat sheet and converts to a u-shaped design for your item’s ultimate protection.

A non-woven fabric insert for scratch prevention is also an option.

The most common use of corrugated cardboard packaging is to protect many different items when moving or storing.

Corners & End Caps

These items consist of heavy-duty corrugated or honey combed cardboard, designed for square and right angled designs.

Packaging for furniture requires non-scratch material to be backed against the glossy surface of the furniture. It must be capable of stabilizing the packaged item during shipping, strong enough to alleviate the pressure of the furniture and to support the items stacked on it.


RipplePak’s renowned StretchPak system creates multi-use suspended packaging for protection of fragile equipment using a cardboard frame.

It is ideal for electronic equipment like monitors, flat screens, printers, computers and other electronic gadgets of different shapes and sizes.

Learn how easy StretchPak can be used with our custom fit corrugated boxes

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